• Vanilla's Choice: 15 Industrial Inspired Bars and Restaurants

January 06, 2017

When dining out, the atmosphere is often as important as the food. While a great design will never save a bad meal, it can make a great culinary experience truly legendary. 

We at Vanilla HOME have picked some beautiful designed restaurants and bars from all over the world for all of you interior design lovers. Who knows, maybe very soon you'll have a chance to visit some of this great places.

1. Margherita Brasserie | Paris, France

This chic industrial inspired restaurant is located in the centre of the Europe - Paris. They serve breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee and drinks so you don't have any excuse not to visit it, even just for a sneak peak and a cup of coffee.

| Image credit: Descroll |

2. The Milton | Melbourne, Australia

Located in the popular bayside suburb of Elwood, The Milton exemplifies the ongoing gentrification of the area and it’s rich literary and architectural history. When designing it the architects retained the original facade and put a lot of effort to preserve the much loved, internal brickwork which gives the place an old world charm, yet still feels familiar. They combined old and new elements, organic and manufactured materials, hard and soft textures harmoniously.

| Image credit: Ari Hatzis |

3. Handmade Burger | Birmingham, UK

A restaurant situated in the redeveloped main train station in Birmingham, developing further ideas on the use of reclaimed materials & industrial themes specific to the brand, ethos mixed with cool Americana & travel influences because of its location.

| Image credit: Adam Parker |

4. Cheval Bar and Restaurant | Thessaloniki, Greece

Cheval’s own, metaphorical angle, greets people at the entrance. It is a male mannequin with the head of horse, that designers George Tyrothoulakis and Evdokia Voudouri of Ark4LabofArchitecture introduced as a reference to a nomadic way of life. The restaurant is a great mixture of different materials, styles and it dares to be different. You will find a lot of industrial features - a lot of metal and wood, visible construction and installations, pipes, old fashioned lighting etc.

| Image credit: N. Vavdinoudis-Ch.Dimitriou |

5. Trafiq Bar | Budapest, Hungary

Another greatly designed bar in the heart of Hungary - beautiful Budapest. This towering building which contains a dance club, bar and a restaurant in Budapest dates back to 1886 and is one of the growing ranks of happening “ruin” enterprises in the city, i.e. formerly abandoned industrial buildings brought back to life in stunning acts of necromancy. Again you will notice rough but yet warm industrial interior with it's dramatic lighting, but there's one feature we love the most - wooden benches and tables that look like boxes. Don't you love them as well?

| Image credit: Péter Szendrő |

6. Donny's Bar | Manly, Australia

A range of recycled materials were used in this industrial inspired bar to transform the stark space into a dark and atmospheric bar with exposed brick walls and concrete flooring throughout. We are in love with polished copper counter that forms a centrepiece in the downstairs bar area. Dozens of lights encased in small wire cages are suspended from the mesh-covered ceiling of the double-height space, creating a feature above the entrance. Even the toilets are something special! Old toilet cisterns were incorporated into the bathroom, while light bulbs were fixed to a network of exposed pipes above the sinks.

| Image credit: Michael Wee |

7. Mercato | Shanghai, China

Mercato is one of six restaurants at Three on the Bund, a department store along the river in central Shanghai and it is run by French chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten. Designers have unmasked beam structure of the oldest steel-framed building in Shanghai to create an Italian restaurant with a raw industrial interior. We bet you wonder where did they get the name Mercato? The main dining area is loosely modelled on a traditional marketplace, which inspired the name Mercato. The two bars are located at the centre and feature industrial steel shelving and reclaimed timber canopies, while glass lamps hang over tables like street lights.

| Image credit: Pedro Pegenaute |

8. Boulton & Watt | New York, USA

The restaurant is named after two of the men that helped develop the steam engine. In keeping with the 19th century engineer theme, the space is adorned with old-timely machinery and science doodads. Even though an open, industrial space with metal, spinning stools, wooden benches, and marked-up mirrors may not sound welcoming, you will be surprised how charming it is.

| Image credit: Courtesy of Boulton & Watt |

9. Kafe Magasinet | Göteborg, Sweden

Kafe Magasinet is located in the older building on Tredje Långgatan. The building is well known, of historical interest and of a protected status - it is claimed to be the world’s oldest building that was intended for auction operation. The concept of the interior design was to keep it original, use the soul of the room and its humble character. They kept existing concrete floor, walls and surfaces with minimal treatment. You can see the traces of a removed floor structure and electrical appliances, cast iron pillars were painted black and new copper and glass doors were added to the old wooden doors.

| Image credit: Henrik Lindén |

10. Urban House | Bratislava, Slovakia

Urban House is placed right in the heart of the old town and inspires it's everyday visitors with an urban loft atmosphere, delicious salads, sandwiches and sweets, great coffee and loads of books which you can by the way borrow on the shelve and exchange them for some of your own. Mixture of different materials and colours gives it special charm. Urban House is illuminated by an army of vintage light bulbs and industrial lamps, which emanate a very nice and soft light. Most of the furniture has its own story and was bought by the owners piece by piece from all around the world.

| Image credit: Urban House |

11. Główna Osobowa Bar and Restaurant | Gdyna, Poland

Opened in a city grown out of its large container port, shipyards and freight train infrastructure, the place has a vintage industrial aesthetic rendered into modern loft living. Centred around the bar in the middle of the space, the abundantly day-lit interiors feature exposed piping in the ceiling and concrete surfaces and steel-framed shelving, softened by an off-white, light-grey colour palette, the use of oak wood for tables and shelves, woven fabric panelling, as well as green plants. We simply love wooden plant-pots on mesh panels on the walls. Other detailing, paying tribute to the restaurant’s namesake (the local train station), includes the old-school train timetable styled metal menu on the wall.

| Image credit: Tomirri Photography |

12. Naif Burger | Madrid, Spain

Burgers, sandwiches and snacks are the specialty of this restaurant located in the vibrant Malasaña neighborhood. This place is popular for its vintage and industrial decor: metal pipes, wooden boxes, metal tables, walls decorated with graffiti and even every chair is different. It's not just unique design and great vibe that make this place so special - chocolate cake is one of the best we have ever eaten!

| Image credit: Taylor Hearts Travel |

13. Bastard Coffee and Kitchen | Valencia, Spain

They have tried to join in one single space the best of the two worlds which we are all crazy about: coffee and casual street food. Industrial inspired interior in noticeable right away: a mixture of materials such as distressed walls, white brick walls, pipes forming bookshelves, 6 metres high ceiling which gives you a great feeling of openness.

| Image credit: Valencia Lecool |

14. Beeftro restaurant | Luxembourg

Beeftro is essentially a mixture of raw material and industrial esthetics. The balance between the marble tables, leather, mosaic flooring, concrete, exposed piping and the earthenware crokery has been chosen to portray a luxury experience in a chic and casual atmosphere. And look at that terrace view - priceless!

| Image credit: Humbert & Poyet |

15. La Soupe Populaire | Berlin, Germany

Set in a 19th century brewery, La Soupe Populaire is a great choice for those that want to taste creative German cuisine immersed in an industrial setting with quirky objects. Arriving to La Soupe Populaire may seem a bit odd – walking through what seems like a parking space of an abandoned building, past a large tarnished door – but embrace it, as when you open that door you’ll be catapulted into a whole other setting. No, you haven't got lost - the restaurant is set in an art gallery.

| Image credit: La Soupe Populaire |

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