• Small tricks on how to bring spring into your Home

March 23, 2017

Dear Vanilla's friends, spring is here! We are so excited - more sunny days, lighter clothes, first flowers and trees blossom... Everything is awaking, time for a fresh start. It is the perfect time to store your winter-inspired home decor, warm knited textiles, pillows etc. Bring some spring into your house or apartment by adding some small and refreshing changes. Here are a few tricks on how to bring a touch of spring into your home.

1. Go lighter

Open the curtains and all the shaders and let the sun enter your home. Switch all the warm textiles like wool or fur for the linen and cotton fabric. Refresh your curtains, bedding, cushions, rugs by choosing them in lighter fabrics and colours.

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2. Rearrange your furniture

You don't need to spend a lot of money on renovations or changing things. Rearranging your old furniture will also do the trick. Rotate your dining table, put your sofa to a different corner of your living room and put your old wall art on different wall. You can also refresh your old furniture by changing it's appearance: change the colour of your chairs - paint them into a creamy white or powder rose, add your old kitchen some new handles or add some new features to your existing furniture. Don't be afraid to be different and creative!

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3. Add some colour

Spring is a perfect time for adding some colours into your home. Change all that neutral colours for something more vibrant and spring inspired. If you have already planned to repaint your walls then take advantage and think about using some fresh and more lively colours. Powder rose, grey-mint, creamy and similar shades are perfect for all of you who are not fans of extremely vivid colours. If paint the walls is a little bit to much for you, then just change some pieces of furniture or some details with the brighter and colourful ones.

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4. Make it clean

Spring cleaning is a well known side effect of an oncoming spring, so let's clean our homes :)

But also store all the unnecessary stuff that makes your home look cluttered. Send out area-rugs for spring cleaning and try having bare floors for a time. Leave some nice pieces of home decor, beautiful glass vases, some elegant candleholder etc. You will feel like you and your home are being reborn along with the natural world.

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5. Add a new statement piece

If you are tight on a budget and you are not planning on doing some renovations but on the other hand you still want something new in your home then the perfect solution is a new statement piece. Subtle changes such as introducing a playful light fixture or buying a new piece of art are simple and can instantly rejuvenate a space.

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6. Update your cushions

While fabrics such as wool, velvet and even tweed are beautiful year-round, they can feel a bit heavy for the spring time. The best thing about decorative cushions is that you can change their covers all the time, depends on the occasion or time of the year. Spring is a great time to bring in pillow covers in breezy fabrics like linen or patterned textures to lighten things up a bit. Don't be affraid to use flower-inspired, geometric and colourful patterns, belive us - they will do the magic!

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7. Refresh your bedding

Again first change fabrics of the bedding for something lighter like cotton or linen. Pick up a new duvet and shams to brighten up your bedroom. Choose some with nice patterns or leave it simple but in bright and nice colours. It's the easiest way to bring the colour into your bedroom.

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8. Add some greenery

Buy some new plants or flowers and decorate your home by putting them into beautiful planters, baskets, galvanized buckets or something similar. Green is the number one colour of this year so don't be affraid to use it! Another nice idea is to put some big statement leaves in fun vases - from banana leaves and philodendron leaves to palms and monstera leaves. It's easy and low maintenance way to add a freshness to a room. Don't forget to change the water and trim the bottom of the stem - that way the leaves can live on for months.

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9. Bring in new scents

It's time to change all that cinnamon, vanilla, apple, christmas or winter inspired scents and candles for a fresh breezy laundry scent or something that smells like lavander or citruses. It's time for some seasonal scents!

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10. Bring the garden inside

Markets are full of seasonal flowers like tulips or daffodils. Buy them and put them into your favourite vase in the middle of your dinning table. Our absolutely favourite are blossoming cherry, apple and other branches which look absolutely amazing in every room of your home - they will remind you that spring is here!
For some beautiful vases take a look in our Vanilla HOME store, maybe you will find something perfect for your spring remodeling.

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Enjoy and don't be affraid to be creative! :)

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