• Interior Design Trends for 2017

January 12, 2017

Year 2017 is here and so are new interior design trends. We have chosen those which will mark this year the most.

1. Bright Green

Bright green is definitely the colour of the year. It will be seen a lot in home decor, fashion and commercial design. It represents refreshment, revitalization and rebirth. Although all different kinds of green will be popular but especially the one called Greenery. Despite its yellow-green brightness however, Greenery serves as an unexpected universal base for a plethora of other colours.
Because of its inherently neutral traits, Greenery can be used in large or small doses, with or without other neutrals, and as an accent or a foundation for other color schemes. Not ready to go all-out green? Try touches of greenery in throw pillows or, in the truest spirit of greenery, by adding a lush plant to your space.

2. Mixed Patterns

We've first spotted this trend at the New York Fashion Week in autumn 2016 and of course it will continue to transfer to home decor this year. This is really good news for all pattern lovers who will be excited because the concept that statement pieces can be too busy will be gone. Or at least they say so...

3. Artisanal instead of DIY

We just love DIY projects. They are cheap, creative and unique. But this year trend goes more toward items that are more "artisan" - craftmanship and materials that require you to have a high level of skill to work with them emerge. You will see the return of glass blowing, porcelain and amazing woodworking.

4. Raw White

What is Raw White? Think of chalky white and bone white. Raw white looks really unearthed and handmade. It's all about imperfection, natural and organic look where you need some texture. You know, solid flat white can look really sterile.

5. Tropical Prints

Another trend which was already seen on the runways last year. The print will continue to appear in wallpaper and designer fabrics. For those who are not that comfortable with experiments or combining such in-your-face prints: buy new cushion covers with tropical print or something similar. It won't be too much but on the other hand your home will still be stylish and trendy.

6. Texture, Texture and Texture

Weaving texture into an interior makes it more inviting and the idea of mixing fabrics and materials will be on the rise. We are seeing more and more texture in every form, from brushed brass tables to light fixtures to fabrics and wallpapers. A quick way to test the trend: Drape a nubby wool throw over a leather chair or mix fabrics used for decorative pillows.

7. Marble and Brass Combinations

Some designers say that marble and brass will continue to dominate in 2017. We’re going to see this trend in both kitchens and baths. It’s that combination of something very natural and clean, like white marble, and something industrial, hard and a little bit glamorous with the brass.

8. Terracotta

Warm materials such as terracotta tiles will replace currently popular cool and white tones. Unlike in the 80s, they aren’t used as border tiles. Instead they will have a natural matte finish and be used as feature walls in bathrooms or for cladding fireplaces. That will add some warmth to your interior. Again, if you are not really terracotta lover, try to add to your home some terracotta pots and terracotta décor items.

9. Cork

You heard it well: cork is making a comeback. Not only is cork a stylish material idea that adds warmth and texture to spaces, it’s also ideal for absorbing noise in our increasingly large, open plan homes. Cork is ideal material for all different kinds of things, you can make a flooring out of it, It can be used in coffee table bases in combination with stone tops, and as solid cork stool or side table. And maybe an idea we love the most: it could be used to clad entire wall in the home office and used to pin notes to.

10. Woven Baskets

Whether you are in need for a linen hamper, rustic planter or a stylish storage solution for all of your bits and bobs around the house, woven baskets are making way to be a popular and trendy décor piece for any home.

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