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January 24, 2017

Rustic farmhouse inspired interiors are one of our favourites. This decidedly American style is experiencing a major resurgence, appealing to those who prefer the classic, comforting style of a simpler lifestyle. It's a great mixture of beautiful architectural details, natural materials, inherited or vintage pieces, light colours and rough-hewn finishes.

Although it originates from the United States it's becoming more and more popular in other parts of the world, just like here in Europe. You don't need a big wooden house with a nice porch in the suburbs of South Carolina or anything like that. You can create your own rustic-farmhouse look anywhere, even in your big city's apartment.

We at Vanilla HOME have prepared some design guides on how to create that look in your home - check it out!

1. Choose the right colours

This is one of the main and most important things to begin with. Whether you’re painting walls, furniture or cabinets, keep in mind what kind of colours are representitive for this interior style. We are talking about greys with very subtle undertones, soft, subtle and earth toned pastels, slightly vintage feeling colours with a touch of grey/brown etc.

Generally speaking, these are the colours that give the illusion of "they’ve lived here for a while" and slightly worn look that gives a sense of history and special charm to your home. In the image below you can see some of the sample colours for rustic interiors. You just have to combine them nicely.

| Images credit: HGTV |

2. Dress up the exterior

If you live in an apartment, this is not relevant for you. But all of you who have the oportunity to transform your house into a nice rustic home, should not hesitate.
One of the main caracteristics that adds that farmhouse feel is a wraparound porch. In the past it was used for getting respite from the heat when it was too hot inside during the summer months but later became a place for enjoying shared moments with family and friends.
If you are short on space, then a simple front yard, porch, balcony or patio will get the job done as well. It is less about size and more about getting the decor right. If you have enough space add some hanging lanterns on your porch, rocking chairs, wooden furniture. Otherwise a rustic planter with country flowers will do the magic as well.

| Images credit: Jennifer Boomer |

| Images credit: Sarah Wilson |

3. Classic lantern and vintage lighting

As we already mentioned, hanging lanterns and other vintage-look lights are a must in every rustic interior. If you inherited some from your grandparent's house that is great if not, then buy some that look old. Smaller sconces suit front entries well, and larger pendants work beautifully above a dining room table. If installing a new fixture isn't in the cards right now, pick up a few budget-friendly tabletop pendants. The most creative and courageous of you can do it by yourselves. Use old enamel kitchen ware and ask your better half to help you install the electricity and other technical stuff.

| Images credit: HGTV |

| Images credit: Pinterest |

4. Wood, wood, wood

Wood is the major component that makes the farmhouse style so unique and special and it's becoming more and more popular with every day. In the past it was often used because of its accessibility to farm's landowners, but today wood dominates the entire farmhouse inspired house. Wood can be used as wall paneling, hardwood floors and even ceilings with exposed wooden beams which emphasize that rustic cottage feel. If you are not a big fan of wood everywhere, then make sure you use some stone or concrete that have that old-look, unfinished appeal and than just add some wooden accessories.

| Images credit: Jennifer Boomer |

| Images credit: Sarah Wilson |

5. Light and bright

Another characteristic for rustic homes are light colours and bright spaces. You won't believe it but this feature is a part of the farmhouse history. In the past a lot of farmowners could not afford wall paintings, so they kept them light and simple. Sometimes they used wallpapers in the most representative spaces in the house such as entryways.
That way light walls have become an identifiably classic characteristic of farmhouse interiors, providing rich contrast against darker treasured design elements like furniture. If your home is not bright enough try painting some wall paneling wood to brighten your space.

| Images credit: Pinterest |

6. Cozy fabrics

When we are talking about the use of the fabrics in your home there is just one rule: keep it simple, natural and handmade if possible. Textiles and upholstery were traditionally often handmade or passed down and well loved by the generations who inherited them.
They are pretty important feature that gives your home that cozy and warm feeling. Cotton is absolutely the king of fabrics in rustic interiors followed by wool and flax. Decorative pillows in your living room or bedroom and cozy warm blankets made of cotton or wool are a must in every farmhouse inspired home. Combine different natural materials and textures and add them some patterned accents.

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7. Kitchen is the heart of the farmhouse

One of the most important elements in your home is a rustic farmhouse inspired kitchen and dining room. The traditional farmhouse sees plenty of traffic around the kitchen area so even in the nowadays it is designed to gather family and friends. Open layout of the kitchen with some kitchen island in the middle, rustic look cabinets in farmhouse colours, wooden countertops and open shelving are one of the most important guides when designing farmhouse inspired kitchen. If you are not planning to renovate it soon, then add some rustic accessories like rustic cutting boards, vases, jugs, chalkboards etc.

| Images credit: HGTV |

8. Big dinning room

If kitchen is the heart of the farmhouse, then the dinning room is the soul. It is the centrepiece of the home where you are having your family dinners and long nice talks with a glass of wine or beer with your friends.
The most important feature is the dinning table which can be made out of wood, if it's done handmade - even better! If you don't have it, don't worry. Some rustic cutting board or tray will do the magic. Just put it in the middle of the table and decorate it with some rustic vases or jugs with flowers from a nearby meadow.

| Images credit: HGTV |

9. Rustic with a modern touch

As we live in the 21st century it is not necessary to use just vintage pieces in your home. It is even better and more creative if you combine different styles or let say modern and rustic all into one. Try combinig different kind of furniture, maybe modern table and rustic chairs. Or nice modern bathroom tiles with claw-foot tub which is also one of the presentable pieces of farmhouses. Replace regular doors with barn doors, but keep other design modern. The only rule is: don't be affraid to be creative and unique!

| Images credit: HGTV |

10. Use rustic and farmhouse inspired home decor

If you already have some antique or vintage pieces - use them! A lot of them are made out of wood, steel, ceramic or they have some other rustic finishes. If you don't have any of these, then buy some. You can use some old wooden storage boxes and baskets in your kitchen, galvanized buckets, ceramic jugs or rustic candle holders in your living room and rustic trays and vases in your dinning room. Don't forget about textiles such as cozy blankets and decorative cushions in your bedroom.

We are presenting you some pieces of our Vanilla HOME rustic collection, if you want to see more check the following link: https://vanilla-store.eu/collections/rustic?page=1

Have fun decorating your home! :)

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