• Big solutions for small apartments

January 18, 2017

Almost all of us were in some point in life in a position where we had to cope with a limited space in small flat and all the joys that brings to us. We at Vanilla HOME have prepared a few solutions for small living spaces that help our customers create a big living style.

1. Multifunctional furniture

Folding tables, beds, sliding walls, transforming kitchen... Maybe this solutions aren't the cheapest ever, but they are definitely the most effective ones. Nowadays you can buy a lot of different kinds of multifunctional furniture in Europe's stores but if you have some special wishes, then you'll have to call your favourite carpenter and discuss your idea with him.

2. Use apartment height if possible

This is one of the best options in high ceiling apartments. Use the height and create extra space in your home. If you own it, build a sleeping gallery. If not, use bunkbed. Honestly, you don't need a lot of height for your sleeping area, but space underneath it can magically be used for small home office, sofa and other mostly sitting activities.

3. Sliding doors instead of doors that swing open

Sliding doors take up less space than the regular ones. Maybe they don't offer as much privacy but let us be honest in a small apartment, there isn't much privacy to begin with. You can use sliding doors as a bathroom, bedroom or closet door.

4. Use every empty space for storage

The main problem in small flats is: "Where can I put all of my stuff?" Use every hole you can find, get the most out of the every closet and cabinet you have with stackable shelves or undershelf baskets. Stash cling film, aluminium foil, and the like in a file holder mounted to the inside of a cabinet door.

5. Every wall is a potential spot for shelving

Don't be afraid to use your walls for wisible storage or book rack. Add shelves to the spots where you don't put it normaly - on the sides of kitchen cabinets and high up above the windows, make use of the space above your radiator with wall mounted shelves. If you have a free floating couch, add a console behind for a little extra storage or try wall mounted shelves or a bookcase behind the couch.

6. Divide your studio to living and sleeping area

Organize your apartment to different activity areas. Try to divide your living area from kitchen area or bedroom from your home office. You don't need regular walls to do that. Use shelving units, curtains or different kind of room dividers. You can find a lot of different ideas on the photos below.

7. Smart kitchen accesories

Small flat and an even smaller kitchen. But don't worry. Just add or build-in some of the proposed features into your lovely kitchen and use it as much as you can. Add a pot rail under your cabinets for a little extra storage, mount a pegboard and hang all your essentials, get the most out of the cabinets you do have with stackable shelves. Don't neglect the space above your cabinets - you could stash extra stuff up there in baskets. A wall-mounted dish drainer will save space on the countertop and a bar-height table next to your tiny kitchen is a triple win — extra counter space, extra storage space, and a place for friends to sit and eat in the kitchen all in one.

8. Use more small tables

Why? They are easy to move and put aside. By combinig few of them you can create big coffee table for all the drinks and snacks when your friends come to visit. When you need more space to exercise, just put them aside or stack them on top of another. Even better - buy the ones that can stack one into the other. When not in use as a table, they can serve as storage and  deposit place or side table in your bedroom.

9. The use of benches is great

Benches seem a little bit dated, especially when you remember your gradmother's house and dining benches inside it. But you know what? They are getting more and more popular again. Here is a reasons why - transform your dining bench into a sofa. Just put some pillows on it and transform your dining area into a living room. Another great reason is extra storage space inside them.

10. Put your bed into the corner

That way you will save some priceless space in your small apartment. If you don't have room for end tables or nightstands, try simple shelves mounted to the wall or hang a DIY "side table" from the ceiling. Another great feature are wall hooks or decorative ladders for your everyday clothes.

As you can see, some ideas are pretty simple and nice. If that's not good enough for you, then you should definitely watch videos below about transforming apartments.
Yes, this is the future! :)


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