• 8 tips on how to enjoy the transition to autumn

October 11, 2017

Autumn is here! :)

This season brings us a lot of beautiful, tasty and fun things. But with seasonal change comes a change of weather, a change of light and a change in lifestyle. Depending on where you live this changes can be quite significant or very subtle. Either way to make the transition smoother there are some things you can do to help.

1. Bring some of the outdoors in

Even though the summer is over and you will not be able to spend as much time outside anymore, that doesn’t mean you must shut the outdoors out completely. Start bringing in some greenery and colourful bouquets. The autumn can be very lovely and try and bring some of those colours inside as well. For all of you colour-lovers: try to focus on warm colours like yellow, orange, red and purple.

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2. Purify the air

Because windows will be shutting cold air outside, the furniture off-gassing and seasonal flu and cold germs floating around it might be smart to invest in some Hepa air purifiers. In either way make sure you ventilate your home enough to demoisturise and change the air inside at least once or twice a day. But to really light a good mood use some scented candles and/or some aromatherapy products.

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3. Autumn cleaning

Spring should not be the only season when your home gets a makeover. Before you and your beloved ones go in to cosy-up on the sofa mode, clean up every small corner of your home so you can enjoy those moments in a beautiful clean space. Don't forget to store all the unnecessary stuff that makes your home look cluttered.

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4. Get cooking

Stews, soups, marmalades and pies are the smell of autumn. For all of you who love to cook this is something to look forward to. Stock up your pantry with fresh ingredients, so you can cook something good any time you feel like it.

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5. Brighten up

Colder weather and shorter days will make us spend more time inside than before, so this is a good opportunity to add some bright and lively colours to your home. Get some new throw pillows, blankets or accessories that will keep your home happy and energising. If you really feel inspired and if you dare, you can try painting an accent wall for the new season.

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6. Bring out your favourite autumn things

You probably have some favourite things you love regarding autumn. Is it a great jumper, the best boots, a warm duvet, a magnificent cup of tea? Start placing them in your line of sight so you can get excited about them coming back to your life for a while.

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7. Get moving

Autumn is a Nature’s way of preparing for a slow-down in the winter. But don’t let that slow you down as well. Make sure you keep on being active. If not outside you should start preparing to do your routines inside. Not only will it keep you in shape but you will be healthier and it will help you stay happy and positive through those not so sunny days.

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8. Be social

It’s easy for us to just get lost in our own worlds once it gets colder outside and it starts to rain but don’t let it. Start planning for gatherings and dinner parties so you have them scheduled and ready to go. Have fun preparing it by creating some nice DIY table decorations, table setting and similar things.

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