• DIY Vertical Garden

January 05, 2017

Small flat and not enough room for everything you like, especially for some greenery. What can we do?

We at Vanilla HOME simply love vertical gardens. Not just that they look absolutely gorgeous, they are also a unique and useful feature in your small flat. You can set them in almost any room and they are also easy to combine with all kinds of different interior styles.


Kitchen Herb Garden

You can set one in your kitchen for different kinds of herbs and seasoning. Put it on the nearest wall in your kitchen or simply transform an old ladder into a vertical garden and hang the herbs on to it. That way you can always prepare your favourite dishes with fresh herbs picked from your own small garden.

| Image credit: IKEA |

Balcony Vertical Garden

Another great place for your vertical garden is of course your balcony. Just be careful and don't put it on the extremely sunny side, it might not end well for your plants.

Living Room Vertical Planter

Why couldn't it be set-up right in the centre of your living room? Or in your working cabinet? It can be used like partition element or as a focus point in your flat. Definitely it will bring nature and life to your home.

1 | via Sous Style |   2 | Image credit: Angelo Fernandes |   3 | Image credits: Abby Jiu Photography |

DIY Vertical Garden

We have found some beautiful low budget Do It Yourself projects for your very own vertical garden. You can choose from a lot of different styles of them, but we are pretty sure you will find the one for you. Enjoy!

Get the tutorial at AKA Design.

Get the tutorial at GrizzlyBearModern.

Get the tutorial at Survival Life.

Get the tutorial at ManMade.

See more at Little Green Dot.

Get the tutorial at Room*6.

Get the tutorial at The Whoot.

Get the tutorial at Fresh Mummy Blog.

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