• DIY: How to use reclaimed wood to create a rustic home

February 10, 2017

Creating a rustic interior doesn't always seem that easy, especially here in Europe where it's a little bit more difficult to find appropriate pieces of furniture for your desired interior style. And when you finally find it, it's not exactly what you wanted or maybe the price is too high. Of course you can do a lot with suitable home decor, but we need the basics as well. So, one of the easiest ways to do that, especially if you don't want to spend a lot of money, is reclaimed wood. Yes, you heard it well. It's a very popular design element right now and it's just amazing what kind of things can be done with it and how easy it gives your space that rustic feel that you need as a base for further decorating.

We have prepared a few ideas for how you can easily add a touch of rustic feel to your house or apartment with just a simple old reclaimed wood.


1. Create rustic beams and columns

Well our team's architect is not excited about the idea, it is always better if you already have those wooden exposed ones in your home. But if you don't, you can always fake them. You know how they say: »fake it 'till you make it?« :) You will only need a few old wooden beams to mount them onto your ceiling. They will immediately give your home a rustic feel.

2. Frame your doors, windows or reading corner

Pick some old wooden beams, columns or boards and transform them into big scale frames. This is a great idea if you want to emphasize some special spaces in your home such as a reading corner or one of the windows with your favourite view.

3. Create a rustic wooden wall

Do you want to revive one of your spaces in your home and you don't know how? Create a rustic wooden wall. We are simply in love with them. They are easy to do, but their effect is just amazing. Try this if you want to point out one of the walls in your living room, the wall behind your bed or maybe the wall which has no windows and you always thought of how boring it was. Grab your strong glue, some reclaimed wooden boards and let the party begin :)

4. Make a barn door

That is a must in every rustic interior. You know what we are talking about, right? That beautiful rustic sliding doors which are impossible to buy :) but... they are not that hard to do on your own. The best option is of course if you can make them on your own from scratch. If you don't have necessary tools to make them, you have 2 options: one option is that you find some which are not in use anymore. They will aready look antiquated because of their age, you just need to install the sliding mechanism on them and you are ready to go. The second option is that you just transform your regular sliding door into the barn door. You will need super thin wooden boards which you will glue on existing door in one of the barn-look-a-like pattern, grind them to remove excessive glue and put paint or coat on it.

5. Make your own unique furniture

Well you don't need to make a complete piece of furniture on your own, but focus on the details. Make your own wooden stool for your living room, small table which can also be used as a side table in your bedroom. Add some old boards to your staircase or to the bottom of your walls. Oh, and have you seen handmade headboards for master bedrooms? They can look amazing!

6. Reframe your wall art or mirrors

This is one of the easiest ways to add some low cost rustic charm to your house. Go into the forest to pick up some branches or to the next door carpenter for some remains which he can't use anymore and reframe all of your wall art or that big mirror in your hallway. And they don't have to be natural – paint them. Grind your wooden boards, paint them and grind them again. That way you will get that old used look for some rustic chic.

7. Make special shelving

The best thing about doing something with natural materials is that you can always create something unique. Neither of the two wooden pieces are the same and that is the biggest charm of working with wood. Create float shelving, rustic shelf for more natural look or build your own shelving with reclaimed wood and water pipes – that way you will get a more industrial look. Options are limitless, you just have to take the time to create them.

8. Rustic candle holders

They look so amazing and they are so easy to do - that's why we love them. They will instantly add that special farmhouse charm to your home and will create romantic atmosphere while dining with your better half. Take an empty jar you don't need anymore, a flat piece of wood and start creating. Here are just a few exaples of what can be done.

9. Small storage

Small rustic storage is another nice feature for every country-inspired interior. Make small wooden boxes, hangers for your winter coats or towels in your bathroom. Decorative ladder is also a great idea for storing your everyday clothes. In the photos bellow you will find some beautiful ideas.

When the basics are done, check our Vanilla Home store for some rustic home decor that will be »the cherry on top«: https://vanilla-store.eu/collections/rustic

We hope that you got your daily dose of inspiration or maybe an idea on what to do next weekend. Enjoy it and watch your fingers when creating! :)


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